#Human Rights
Mike Huckabee/Governor of Arkansas

Prisoners are entitled to "adequate medical care". When a person is losing their sight, afflicted with tumors, and suffering from chronic intestinal hemorrhaging. Maalox and Tums can not treat nor cure the above ailments. If the prison would treat the prisoner at the onset of the illness, it is more cost-effective not to mention humane. Prisoners are dying of cancers . . . .a slow painful death and it seems as though the State could care less.

Knowing that you have the capacity to save human lives and end needless suffering, WILL YOU CHOOSE TO?
How can adequate medical care allow vison loss, the growth and spread of tumors and ongoing intestinal bleeding?

We expect YOU and YOUR administration to make a difference by not condoning the infliction of human suffering and misery. Give ALL that are ill the medical treatment which they need. It's their constitutional right Governor.

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