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John Viverito is a teacher who not only teaches amazing history, but also teaches people how to pay attention to our futures. He is not only a teacher, but a person that has earned his way not through a system, but through the minds of his students.

Any who have had this teacher or met him at any given point can plainly see that this man is something different. His students would all tell you that he has had some sort of positive influence on their lives. Even if your not the best student, by the end of every class you can see this man loves what he does. It would be a shame to see such talent, such devotion go to waste.

Those whom signed this petition can clearly state that Mr. Viverito in some way, has shown positive influence. Don't let a brilliant mind go to waste, this man deserves our help!

We, the undersigned, call upon the school system to either not lay-off, or re-hire the teacher known as John Viverito.

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