#Animal Welfare
NSW Government

In August 2008, a baby whale was found in waters off the Sydney coast at The Basin in the Pittwater area. The whale was deemed to be "abandoned" when it was found suckling to the bottom of moored yachts in the area.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Authority monitored the whale for several days, with attempts to lure the whale out to deeper waters in an effort to have it join passing-by pods of whales being unsuccessful. The abandoned whale returned to The Basin.

After several days without its mother's food, and with no significant attempts by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Authority to feed the abandoned whale while arrangements were made for its health and safety, the whale was ultimately put down with several injections of anaesthetic on 22 August 2008. It is alleged, that the whale suffered before dying.

The people of NSW, and the world, contend that the State of New South Wales, through the operation of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Authority, failed in its duty to protect the whale from harm, and ultimately, death.

We, the people of New South Wales, and the World, call the NSW Government to erect a memorial in memory of "Colin" the baby whale, who, so unnecessarily lost her life on 22 August 2008.

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