Background Info as to why we are doing this petition:

- IMVU display pictures being removed
- Developers product being flagged for unjust reasons
- Groups being deleted with no warnings
- Disabling users off IMVU
- Allowing non-AP users to Peer Review AP items

We are signing this to make a change on the IMVU DMCA to show that we work hard for everything we do on IMVU and that its unjust what they are doing.

"Together we stand divided we fall"

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There have been a lot of issues concerning IMVU and its rules and regulations concerning developers, group supporters, owners and IMVU users in general. One of the issues is that some IMVU display pictures have been deemed violations of IMVU's rules and terms of service and deleted without proper review or warning. If IMVU users are paying for credits and paying for Access Passes or VIP Passes, why then are IMVU display pictures, products and groups being removed, especially when they are not showing or displaying anything that infringes on the DMCA rules.

Similarly, why is it that non AP users are not being filtered from peer reviewing AP products? Developers have had major issues in these past few months with users flagging products for personal issues when the products are not in fact in violation of any of IMVU's regulations; still IMVU has gone ahead and taken down products without verifying whether or not accusations made by flaggers are correct.

People work hard to create groups and build them up to there full potential; why doesn't IMVU give fair warning before disabling our user names, products in the catalog or groups we create? You see what is happening. You know what it's doing to the IMVU community at large. Don't allow it to continue and fuel future problems. Speak up and help make a change.

-Blaze Entertainment Petition-
..:::We took over now lets make a change:::..

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