The Jamaican Government, Manufacturers and the Jamaican Population.

Jamaica is a very beautiful Island, but it is evident that there is no proper disposal of garbage and recyclables. The drains are blocked because of littering and it results in flooding when there is heavy rainfall. There are garbage and bottles in the sea and on the beaches because people are littering any and everywhere. We need to work towards a healthy environment so that locals and tourists alike can feel safe in Sweet, Sweet Jamaica.

We are seeking ways to prevent pollution, to reduce waste, and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of this generation and the future generation of Jamaica. Jamaica is an Island that solely depends on tourism and its natural environment and we must make an effort to take good care of our Island. What I am recommending is that laws regarding the beautification of our Island and littering must be strictly enforced, as people who litter must pay a reasonable fine or do community service under supervision.
Meetings should be implemented to educate community members on how to properly discard their garbage and recyclables and implement a community clean up day or beautification project day, once per month to maintain a clean and healthy community as Jamaica continues to expand on Community tourism. We could work on enhancing our recyclable industry and making fashion from bottles. Also, companies should get energy points for recycling sustainable efforts.
Thank You.
Halona Larissa Williams

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