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Hampshire County Council
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Leisure riding is the most common equestrian pursuit and of riders who ride once a week or less, 46% citied access to safe off-road riding as a factor that would increase their riding opportunities.

The British Horse Society considers horse related traffic accidents to be significantly under reported, a view supported by the Hospital Episode Statistics Online. The HES data concerning external causes of visits to hospital in 2011–12 reported 4,199 episodes requiring treatment in hospital for ‘animal – rider or occupant animal drawn vehicle injured in transport accident’.

There were 183 Road Traffic Incidents reported on www.horseaccidents.org.uk in 2012. These included :
2 Rider fatalities
12 Severe Rider Injuries
14 Horse Fatalities
3 Severe Horse Injuries*

In the last 2 weeks there have been 2 incidents in the Wickham/Shedfield area involving horses being hit by cars. Sadly one of these incidents involved in the death of the horse and the hospitalisation of the rider.

There is a lack of adequate road signage around equestrian facilities in the area and on surrounding roads which are regularly used by riders in order to access off road riding. There are also inappropriate speed limits on rural country road where riders are often present.

*All information courtesy of British Horse Society.

We, the undersigned, petition Hampshire County Council to review & improve the levels of signage around equestrian facilities in the county and to review and reduce the speed limits on rural country roads where horses & riders may be present.

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