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Slough Borough Council
United Kingdom

It is a matter of grave concern for parents whose children attend the Castleview Primary School that the roads surrounding the school lack even in basic road safety and traffic calming measures.

This typically allows drivers to speed through these busy roads during school hours while our children are trying to cross on their way to school. Lack of appropriate road safety measures has resulted in a little girl being seriously injured on Marlborough Road recently while a speeding car coming through the no-entry sign of the road hit her and sped-off.

Unfortunately, due to lack of witnesses and lack of required traffic calming measures the perpetrators are yet to be tracked down. Unfortunately the little girl is still languishing and cannot walk.

In consultation with our local councilors, who have been very supportive, We, the local residents along with the parents of children attending Castleview Primary School in Langley, petition the Slough Borough Council to implement improved road safety and traffic calming measures around Castleview Primary School especially the Marlborough Road, Blenheim Road and Upton Court Road in order to provide safer roads for our children.

We would like the council to consider implementing the following road safety and traffic calming measures on the above roads in order to prevent such incidents from happening again in future and to provide safer roads for our children:

1. Reduced speed limit of 20mph on Marlborough road
2. Speed humps on Marlborough road starting from No-entry sign towards the Blenheim road
3. One way traffic flow from No-entry sign on Marlborough road to Blenheim road
4. Zebra crossing on Marlborough road near Woodstock Avenue
5. Zebra crossing on Upton Court Road near Blenheim Road
6. Traffic monitoring camera near the No-entry sign on Marlborough road
7. Appropriate school signs / markings on roads surrounding Castleview Primary School
8. Increased policing during school hours.

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