BC Ministry of Transportation

As is blatantly obvious to anyone driving Highway 97, the current road maintenance provider (HMC) is not up to the task. It is no coincidence that the roads suddenly become much worse at the borders of their maintenance contract.

Their poor handling of these roads are causing accidents, which in turn increase the risk of injury and death.

As far as I can tell, the current contract is up for bidding in 2019. Ideally, that contract should be killing in 2015, but barring that happening, HMC should be prevented from bidding on the contract when it expires, due entirely to their poor performance.

In the event that THAT is not possible, then the road conditions requirements need to be re-evaluated and the current road maintenance provider judged by them. It's highly unlikely they would meet any reasonable criteria.

The people signed below affirm that they have been negatively impacted by poor road conditions in the Quesnel BC area. This does not require that they are residents of the area, since this is part of the main highway through BC and people from all over the world travel through this stretch of road.

In signing, you agree to this:

"I have been negatively impacted by the poor road maintenance on the highways in the Quesnel BC area and believe that there is a desperate need for improved maintenance. I believe that the only way this improvement will happen is by either removing HMC from maintaining this area, or by placing strict and stringent requirements of the area and increasing Ministry of Transportation monitoring of conditions."

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