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Indian Railways, Govt. of India

Rail Connectivity between Bangalore (Garden City, IT City) and Coimbatore (Manchester of Southern India, Textile City).

This is to bring to your notice that the commuter usage on the Bangalore-Coimbatore segment has grown four folds in the past few years. We do not have any direct trains from Bangalore to Coimbatore and vice versa which makes it very difficult for commuters.

We are looking forward for a railway initiative to start services between the two cities which once complete, citizens who have been facing lot of difficulties in traveling to and fro would benefit greatly in terms of saving a lot of time and getting a hassle free travel.

Many people originating from Coimbatore have settled in Bangalore be it for professional, business or educational reasons and this service of introducing super fast trains between the two junctions would bring relief and would save all of them a lot of trouble.

My petition asks that the railway authorities look into this seriously and introduce the services as soon as possible.

1) Currently there is no direct train which starts from Bangalore (Origin) and goes to Coimbatore as the End Destination.

2) Either train starts from a different City or just passes through the City which means not always anybody gets ticket for the same easily because of heavy rush.

3) Lots of people travel every week, every day and there is no proper train connecting the two destinations.

4) Train should start and stop between these stations.

5) Lots of Private bus transports are available with VOLVO, AC SLEEPER, AIRBUS etc with lots of travel by people but train service is still a dream as getting tickets are not easy since train just passes through these destinations.

6) Bangalore is one of the Biggest IT Cities and Coimbatore is also developing as one of the Tier2 IT City, lots of travel between the 2 cities for Work, Education related, Business travel, Vacation related travels, yet no proper trains available.

7) Lots of new private bus companies start their service between these cities every now and then.

8) Rail Connectivity would be a good option for the mass public and could generate good revenue to the Indian/Southern Railway.

Fact file:

1. For Instance few major Private Bus Players like CONTI Travels has approx 6 buses/day, KPN has approx 8 buses/day both side and recently ABT Travels (formerly ABT Parcel Service) are plying with VOLVO, AC Sleeper Bus, and Air Bus etc with exhorbant prices.

2. During festival and other long weekend and Vacation
times the tickets are being sold in Black market and also all the private Bus players are coming up with Special Buses between Coimbatore and Bangalore (Afternoon and Night times).

3. Further every 15minutes there are buses which are going to Salem from Bangalore and also from Coimbatore to Salem which could tell approx the no. of people traveling in Bus everyday.

4. There are intermediate stations connecting Bangalore and Coimbatore which also has lot of people traveling between these cities viz Salem, Erode(Dyeing Industry), Tiruppur(Garment Export City) which has lots of Business travelers.

5. Flight service between Bangalore and Coimbatore has been increased these days with Air Deccan, Kingfisher joining with Jet Airways and Indian which had only the lone flier Jet Airways connecting Bangalore-Coimbatore which speaks about the Volume of travel increase between these cities.

We hereby represent to the Indian Railways to have direct trains connecting Bangalore and Coimbatore for all 3 times in a Day (Morning, Afternoon, Night) as it would generate a lot of success for the Railways travel route, further it would be Good to the People and Serve with highest revenue to Indian(Southern) Railways.

Origin: Bangalore; Destination: Coimbatore
Origin: Coimbatore; Destination; Bangalore


1) 2 Night trains Between Bangalore-Coimbatore n vice versa everyday for the rush to be served off.

2) Afternoon super fast train everyday connecting Bangalore-Coimbatore & Vice-versa.

3) Shatabdhi between Bangalore - Coimbatore & Vice-versa.

4) Weekend Specials and Holiday, Festival Special Trains between Bangalore - Coimbatore & Vice-versa for serving the extra rush during those times.

5) All Trains from Bangalore going via Coimbatore route should be stopping in Coimbatore, Tiruppur. Offlate New Trains to Kerala are not stopping in Coimbatore & Tiruppur, this needs to change as even the existing trains Kanyakumari Express goes to Kerala & InterCity has been extended till Ernakulam where Coimbatore region people cannot get tickets or Trains does not stop in Coimbatore even though its the Manchester of South India with an International Airport & being a Textile City.

Train should originate n Destined to (Bangalore-Coimbatore n Vice Versa).

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