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Quebecers are in need of proper medical attention much sooner than when the services are available. Many students study health to become doctors and then work in other provinces for higher salaries.

This in addition to the lack of funding for health care and recent cutbacks in staff in hospitals, there are not enough health professionals to serve the health care needs of Quebecers.

Many people have to wait a year or more for basic tests to be done (ex: colonoscopy) when just a few years ago, the wait periods were much shorter.

Quebecers are either dying while they wait, their conditions are getting worse, they have to pay for private clinics, and/or they are leaving the province to receive proper health care at a much more reasonable pace.

Raise your voice - sign this petition to make the Parti Quebecois change the lack of funding available in the health sector - to increase staff as well as salaries - to enable Quebecers to have accessibility to appropriate health care.

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