District School Board Ontario North East; Ministry of Education

In light of events from the past few years, we wish to address serious communication / public relations issues within the District School Board of Ontario North East.

We do not doubt the difficulty of trying to balance your duties to us, the tax payers and parents, and your obligations to the board and Ministry (cf. Good Governance, chapter 3, pg. 22-23), however, reviewing local situations, i.e. NLPS merger, Charlton-Savard, Cobalt & Temagami schools, DSBONE continuously drops the ball.

In every piece of literature surrounding school boards and how they should govern themselves we see the importance stressed time and time again of:

• Public confidence
• Engaging the public
• Communication

As a result, we, as citizens across the area where DSBONE operates, have lost confidence in you as a board and find your communication to be virtually non-existent.

We, the undersigned, expect DSBONE to fulfill your communication duties with parents and other public taxpayers as outlined in the Education Act, the “Good Governance” publication and Ontario Education Services Corporation’s “Professional Development Program for School Board Trustees” core modules. (Full petition can be viewed on our Facebook Group "Concerned Parents of Temiskaming Shores").

Summary of expectations:

1.) We give DSBONE opportunity to voluntarily produce documentation of Stepping Stones day care's initial request for space at NLPS, otherwise we will file a formal request as provided by the Freedom of Information Act.

2.) We want DSBONE to be forthcoming on the multi-year plans for Haileybury, Elk Lake, Kerns and Temagami Public Schools, including the minimum numbers each must maintain before requiring accommodation reviews. We also want the number of teachers, EAs and other staff that will be affected at each school if there are closures.

3.) We expect DSBONE to notify the public of any information / changes that affect our children and communities immediately, through whatever means necessary to regain our confidence. To exhibit transparency as Premier Wynne has expressed (letter to the Minister of Education September 25, 2014) that her government (and the officials that represent it) is to be.

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