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My name is Tara Hook. I am writing today in hopes of improving the safety at the intersection of 21st Ave S, 20th Ave S, and Judkins Street.

If you are not familiar with that particular area, 20th Ave S is a high volume arteriole, which parallels 23rd Ave, until it curves sharply at Judkins and intersects with 23rd. Many people use it as an alternative to avoid the many traffic lights on 23rd, and unfortunately do so at very high speeds. When traveling south on 20th there is a very long stretch which extends from Jackson place, to 23rd which has a long, steep downhill gradient and contains no stop signs or deterrents to speeding. And then at the bottom of the hill, the road turns sharply 90 degrees, to become Judkins Ave, as it intersects with 21st.

Along this road, there are several preschools, an elementary school, and countless homes with small children and pets that must cross these roads daily, taking their own lives into their hands as they do so.

In the last 6 months alone, there are been several accidents as people speed around that blind corner. In this spot, at the 3 way intersection, there is an implied crosswalk already in place, with cubside ramps at the east corner of the side walk. People cross that intersection daily to reach the new skate spot and in doing so, take a great risk to their lives.

There have already been several accidents, and many near misses at that location, and 3 days ago my beloved dog was killed in that exact spot. And the driver never even stopped.

My prayer in writing this, is that something can be done to improve the safety at this spot. This incredibly dangerous corner sits between two peaceful parks that my kids love to play at. Where children cross daily. Where my dog was hit and killed.

The loss of a dog is tragic. But the loss of a child is unimaginable. And we must improve this area before that occurs.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning for a traffic safety improvement at the intersection of Judkins Ave S, and 21st Ave S in Seattle WA.

We call on Seattle Department of Transportation for placement of a radar speed sign or photo speed enforcement, along with speed humps, and / or a marked crosswalk, to protect our community and especially our children so that they might cross the street safely and enjoy our parks.

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