Charles Debenham

That kind of food makes children feel sick and sick. from such a state of dishes and cutlery, I want to puke. they are dirty, very dirty! cooks without hats and gloves although now the coronavirus. food with hair. it's disgusting! Hire normal chefs and teach them how to wash dishes well, and not give a damn about children.

At the moment, the coronavirus is raging in the world and now, it is very important to observe hygiene. But boarding doesn't care. we are served with a piece of hair that falls apart on the cutlery. Appliances with fingerprints and dirt on them, cooks go without gloves and hats! we need a normal attitude and good food with clean dishes!

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The improve catering conditions in SIS boarding house petition to Charles Debenham was written by Ano Nim and is in the category Health at GoPetition.