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United Nations

- Spreading of heavy armaments & light weapons every where in Libya in the hands of Criminals that jeopardize the lives of ordinary people.
- The Corruption of all officials in the governing sectors that caused chaos in the country which made it unsafe place to live in and made the living so hard without the availability of currency in the banks and the boom rise in prices of food.
- The big number of deaths of young people,
- The vague future of the country shows a coming disaster that the UN should be held responsible for.

We accuse the Security Council of not adhering to the UN Resolution 1973-2011
for protecting the civilians in Libya against any armed aggression whatsoever.

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The Implement UN Resolusition 1973-2011 for Libyan Civilians' Protection petition to United Nations was written by Moh K. Titi and is in the category International Affairs at GoPetition.