#Children's Rights
Gov. Ted Kulongoski
United States of America

THIS LAW WOULD REQUIRE ALL SEX OFFENDERS, RAPISTS, PEDOPHILES, ON THEIR FIRST OFFENSE TO BE MONITORED WITH AN ANKLE DEVICE during their entire lifetime or face a 50 year prison sentence, mandatory therapy/classes, and be kept away from anyone under 17 years WITHIN 5 MILES(residence) of a SCHOOL, CHURCH OR PLAYGROUND) and 50 feet on outings.

The sexual offenders must also allow law enforcement to enter their homes utilizing the "T.U.F.R. LAW", which would allow ANY law enforcement to enter the home of a convicted offender during a time of a possible kidnapping of a child under 17, that is in the area of not only the missing victim, but of the "MANDATORY REGISTERED" SEX OFFENDER, such as in the case of Jessica Lunsford, and many, many other innocent BABIES, KIDS, that have been mutilated, murdered, raped, sodomized, and "thrown away" like a piece of "trash".

We, the undersigned, petition for more protection from sex offender criminals and more rights as a community, law enforcement, and society in general.
The moment that Jessica Lunsford and all other victims who have been killed at the hands of a sexual predator became missing, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE in any missing child's life.

As soon as Jessica was found to be missing, using the above T.U.F.R. LAW, police could have found out that John Couey was in that area, and being REQUIRED TO BE REGISTERED, AND TRACKED, the residence could of been searched IMMEDIATELY, NOT WEEKS LATER.

If we implement tough 0-tolerance (JESSICAS T.U.F.R. LAW), WE COULD ELIMINATE further crimes against our kids and adult victims of Sexual offenders.

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