#Students' Rights
Clark County School District
United States of America

In light of the events that have happened in our school the past week, we the parents' of students at Foothill High School are demanding that the policies regarding violence, harassment and bullying be reformed. Students who have engaged in fights ONLY in order to defend themselves have been suspended from school and the repercussions for the students instigating violence are not serious enough as fights continue to happen at our school. We love our school and are grateful for all of the educational opportunities and extracurricular activities that our school has to offer but We want our students to have a safe environment where they will not be distracted by fearing for their own safety. We are calling for an overhaul of Foothill High School policies in regards to the consequences from bullying, harassment and violence amongst students. We are also asking that consequences should not be placed on students who have defended themselves from an assault. Students who have defended themselves from an assault should not have to be suspended from school. We want an Absolute Zero Tolerance Policy for violence, Students who assault other students need to be expelled from school with no exception. The few percentage of students who cannot follow this policy should not ruin the positive school experience that all of our students deserve. Enough Is Enough!!! How many kids have to be harmed physically and mentally until something is done!

We the undersigned are calling on Foothill High School administration to take action NOW in order to ensure our students' safety will be taken more seriously for the rest of this school year and future years to come.

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