VATSIM Board of Governors

Realism and Fun have always been the founding principles of the VATSIM network. And we strongly believe that airport vehicles, such as "follow-me" cars, add a great deal of this realism and fun we are all looking for.

Several principles will make this operation smooth, and with no cost to VATSIM's servers:

1. "Follow-me" and other vehicles must only be operated by controllers certified to work Ground position at the particular airfield.

2. All of the vehicles must be connected to a separate server that will be hosted for exactly this matter. Funds to host the server will be raised.

3. Any connection to the server will require at least a Student 1 (S1) controller rating.

4. A separate voice server will be hosted to provide Controller-Vehicle communication.

VATSIM is showing us a long history of bringing to life the concept of "Realism and Fun", when such feature as Voice ATIS and many others were implemented.

We encourage the VATSIM Board of Governors to change their mind on the subject. Its realisation with the principles mentioned above will not affect the network stability in any way, while adding a big deal of realism to the experience of its members.

Allow and encourage the realization of implementing airport vehicles on the VATSIM network.

Michael Wolf (VATSIM ID 973921) and anyone willing to help are taking the responsibility of bringing the project to life.

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