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Which do you like better: Rule of Law, or Rule of a Person?

The United States was founded upon the principle of Rule-of-Law. Under that system, the people make a rule that applies equally to everyone and takes the needs of everyone (not just the majority) into consideration. The rule then governs the people. To enforce the rule, an administration is constructed with specifically designed decentralization of power. In order for the Rule to govern, the administration must have less power than the people and no single part of the administration can have the power to effect change by itself.

Today, our administration has more power than the people and that power is centralized within the office of the president, who has the ability to effect change by himself. The rule no longer governs us. A person governs us. As Americans, we no longer worry about how to obey the law because it is irrelevant. Our concern is how to stay on the government's good side. This rule-of-a-person is called despotism. By ignoring U.N. rule of law, we are also spreading despotism to the world.

Even though most Americans haven't identified the cause, we know that something is wrong. Deep inside, we no longer feel free. We look around and see wealth and security and a well-oiled system and we tell ourselves that this is freedom, but freedom is defined in the Declaration of Independence as government by consent of the governed. Our well-oiled system was built through rule-of-law and government by consent of all. Without it, our wealth and security and well-oiled system will fail.

The Declaration of Independence defines freedom as government by consent of the governed. Two hundred years ago, American government was at the consent of the governed, a concept that seems foreign to most Americans today. Yet, we can take our freedom back by proving to our president that the United States is still a nation of the people -- That when our chief executive tries to steal the power of the legislative and judicial branches, we can and will fire him.

We, the people of the United States of America, believe in the rule-of-law and the balance of power that this country was founded upon. For circumventing these principles and our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties through programs like CAPPS II, Patriot Act, and the Department of Homeland Security, we petition Congress to impeach President Bush.

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