#Neighborhood Living
Meridian - Kessler Neighborhood Residents
United States of America

The Meridian Street Preservation Committe needs to approve this zoning change to allow for Imagine Academy's presence. Some vocal residents have objected, and without this approval the plans of both the church and school will suffer a setback.

While we all recognize these people have a right to object, it is felt that a substantial number of neighbors do not object.

I support a Charter School at 4011 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN that will initially have 350 students (K-5) with eventual enrollment of 550 students (K-8) and will embody these core values:

Rigorous Academic Programs

Academic Achievement

Shared Values of Integrity & Respect

Responsive to the Needs of Parents and Children

Prepare students as Caring and Compassionate Citizens

Promotes Community Interaction & Partnership

A School with Economic Stability

Well-planned Infrastructure with Safety and Accessibility

Efficient Traffic Flow and Access for Students and Parents

Over $4 Million Neighborhood Investment

Local Control

Contained Parking on the Grounds

Best Use of the Facility

No Change to the Exterior of the Building

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