pet Shop Boys
United Kingdom

March 28, 2006

Dear Fans of Pet Shop Boys and Friends,

In recent weeks all the major sites and communities of PSB fans were amazed by the guy calling himself dj Rub, who provided us with many brilliant remixes of Pet Shop Boys tracks.

These works are not only absolutely professional and giving tracks new lives as remixes are supposed to do so, they have been given enthusiastic reception by PSB fans, with so many hoping that this talented dj and his efforts, will get much more recognition than simple 'thanks' from us.

With hundreds of most devoted and influential PSB fans all over the world, we want Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe to consider putting one of his tracks to start with, on upcoming singles. As the choice for remixers of 'I'm With Stupid' neither brings us pleasent surprises, nor excitement, we are in demand of giving a chance to dj Rub to come off with his works and be included on records of our beloved duo.

Please, if you are PSB fan and happened to get to know excellence and outstanding production by dj Rub from sites such as www.tennant-lowe.com or www.petshopboys-forum.com, do sign petition supporting the idea for official release of his works. The Petition will be forwarded to PSB officials.

Your help will be appreciated. We all have dreams to come true, but this guy has yet something else, he has talent and fully deserves his chance.

We also wants Psb send to him the samples and loops necesarys and give to him the opportunity of do this remix in a proffesional studio to have the better quality and be good for a official release.

Thank you for your time and support.

We need to have this great mix in the Official Pet Shop Boys Single, this Dj deserves this for his great remix.

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