Regarding the IELTS organization's website “https://www.ieltsindicator.com/book/”, IELTS organizations have expanded the availability of "At-Home Testing" which is called the IELTS Indicator Test everywhere the computer-delivered tests are normally available and they are affected by COVID-19. Although we believe these organizations kindly working to offer IELTS Indicator to Iran as soon as possible, there is no availability for test-takers yet. Considering the beginning of the universities' application period and the double psychological pressure of Iranian students under these conditions, this is an effort to solve this problem by the authorities as soon as possible. authorities as soon as possible.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Hereby, the Iranian students who have signed this message and have been working hard for a long time on their preparation for participating in the international IELTS exam would like to send a message toward the confronted matters of the exam cancelations due to the COVID-19.
Being aware of the IELTS organization's possibility of offering "IELTS Indicator" for the students of almost every country, unfortunately, there is no availability for the test-takers in Iran yet at the days of the application period of most of the international universities. Even more, there are lots of students missing their achieved opportunity in continuing their education in different countries since they could not able to provide the required certificates for the embassies to get the countries' visa.
Thus, it would be highly appreciated if it is possible to track the matter and solve the related problems as soon as possible which enabled us not to miss any deadlines of either the universities or embassies.

Yours Sincerely

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