#Gender Rights and Issues
Malcom Turnbull

I as a member of the Australian Army always wear a bush hat either in the yard or out in the field. Because of this I believe all diggers should have a right to identify as a bush hat if they wish to be identified that way. It is a critical part of our society to identity as one pleases no matter what it is they choose to be. Throughout the last few decades people have identified their selfes as a number of different genders and inanimate objects. We the diggers do not chose the way of life we live as bush hats but simply are the way we are. If we want to identify as bush hats we have that right and will only be pleased once we have that right to be a bush hat. I have wanted to be able to formaly identify myself as a bush hat and so have many other current soldiers and soldiers before me. It would be greatly appreciated by thousands of Australian diggers if we could exercise our right to be a bush hat and identify as what we truly are... Green and brown material that keeps the suns off our faces and our necks.

We the Australian diggers of the Australian Army call on the diggers of Australia and ORs to help make our dream of identifying as a bush hat a reality and a preference if so desired.

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