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Many people are facing a problem related to ID Theft: somebody else is abusively using their email accounts to subscribe on various pages or create fake profiles on Facebook.

This problem has been repeatedly signaled to Facebook requesting for a solution:

However, as seen from the discussions and questions pouring in, FB DOES NOT GIVE A HORSE SHOE on users and their privacy.

When somebody steals your account, you feel violated in so many ways!
And there is nobody who listens to our simple request to close those fake profiles even when we are ready to bring the evidence.

I read before that FB treats users as products, not as customers. And this is just another proof as to how little they care about us!

I say this must STOP. FB must LISTEN. FB must do what is RIGHT. If we unite our voices we can make ourselves heard. Let’s make them listen!
Sign this petition and ask your FB friends and their friends to support it, too.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook Inc. to revise their policies and take action directed to:

1. Assisting the FB users - that are reportedly victims of someone else using their email accounts, pictures, or other personal details in creating fake profile – to take down the reported abusive content and permanently remove/ ban those accounts.

2. Assisting the companies - that reportedly discovered their names and trademarks being abusively used – to take down the reported abusive content and permanently remove those pages and ban the users who created them.

3. Collect & organize all relevant data and cooperate with police in uncovering any internet crime that is currently fostered by the FB anonymity and rules
Just because nobody else has done it yet, it does not mean we should not start here!

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