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Did you know that New York State Film and TV productions are an economic engine that create tens of thousands of jobs and bring Billions of dollars in revenue to New York businesses?

Does your business sell goods or services to the Film and TV Industries in New York State, or want to get involved in selling to those industries?

Did you know that the driving force that brings Film and TV productions to New York State is the Empire State Film Production Inventive program?

Did you know that YOU can help preserve that Incentive program and keep Film and TV productions in New York State?

Click below to sign a Petition to Governor Cuomo and your State Legislators and let them know that this is an important issue to you and for the New York economy.

We, the undersigned ask that Governor Cuomo and the state legislature uphold and maintain the New York State Film Tax Credit Program.

Media production drives employment across the value chain, is the core revenue generator for thousands of small businesses across the state and has a financial multiplier effect to the larger economy proportional to active and continued production.

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