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I run a MyLeague league on Pogo. My league, and I know several other leagues, have ran into problems with very hostile players in the rooms we try to host and play in.

Even though Pogo allows myleague to operate in all pogo rooms, we have very hostile players who are attacking leagues who try to start hosting tours in rooms. My league can no longer play in Poppa Zoppa in the room we intended to play in as people have started putting fake accounts and gathering up everyone they can to sit in the room in order to not allow any leagues to enter the room.

Pogo needs to start doing something about the hostile players on Pogo if they want myleague leagues to continue playing there. I know of one league that was completely ran out of the game they were playing due to hostile players.


We, members of Pogo and Club pogo alike, are requesting something to be done about hostile players in rooms. You allow MyLeague leagues to operate in your rooms, however, there are tons of hostile players that are running leagues out of rooms. I know some people joined Club Pogo in order to play Club Pogo games that leagues host.

We need to stop the hostility in the rooms and allow leagues to operate in a stress-free, hostility-free, drama free room.

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The Hostile Pogo Players petition to Pogo was written by Jennifer (Prplestarlette) Gilbertson and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.