#Animal Rights
Bass Coast Shire Council

Some valid points as to why the Corinella Foreshore should not be closed or any restrictions imposed on our equine companions:
• It is the only safe horse beach in the area.
• There are hundreds of kilometres of coast along the South East in Victoria; the horse section as it stands is already only just a fraction of the Corinella Foreshore.
• It is good for horses physical and mental wellbeing
• It is good for Equine Enthusiasts physical and mental wellbeing
• It is an excellent place to rehabilitate injured horses or increase their fitness
• It is used by recreational, competitive and professional horses and horse people
• Local adults and particularly kids have ridden on this beach for generations with a record of 0 incidents
• Above all it is a place for immense enjoyment and fun for those involved with horses
• To ban horses from the beach is un-Australian. It shouldn’t be a numbers contest between Equine Enthusiasts and people. It is about giving everyone a fair opportunity and the freedom to enjoy our beautiful beaches
• Dogs are already allowed in the horse area provided they are on the leash
• Dogs can be taken to virtually any park/footpath/public place as well as many other designated beaches. The same cannot be said for horses!
• Many people travel a long way to enjoy this beach
• The horse industry is one of the largest industries in Australia and is steadily growing!
• Closure will greatly reduce the quality of life for a lot of horses kept in an urbanised environment. The beach gives them a chance to stretch their legs and mentally and physically relax
• Horses have helped to build this country and defend it, we owe it to them to provide a safe place to cool down and relax
• If the beach is lost it will force people to ride and train in more urban environments such as road verges, where the risk to all parties is greatly increased

We the undersigned are petitioning against the proposed ban or any imposed restrictions of horses on the Corinella Foreshore, access via Norsemens Road, Coronet Bay.
The horse community in VIC is very large, consisting of recreational, competitive and professional horses and horse people.
The Equine Industry is the THIRD largest employer in Australia, and employs in excess of 100 people locally; the industry is based here because of the horse beach.
Many people enjoy taking their horses down to the beach for a relaxing day out on the Corinella Foreshore. It provides a unique opportunity to be able to swim them and train them in an environment which has many benefits to their physical and mental wellbeing.
While also the human therapy holistically offers, bathing in seawater acts directly on chronic disorders, helping one overcome ailments, aches and pains. Cool seawater calms down overwrought nerves, tranquilizing the whole body. Warm seawater, during our summer months, improves the circulation and relaxes muscles.
We urge you to reconsider banning or restricting our equine companion’s access on and to the Corinella Foreshore! Where else would we be able to go! There are many other dog beaches and non animal friendly beaches. The horses are important too!

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