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The leaders of the Returned and Services League (RSL) have described Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) war widows, whose husbands' were killed in the line of duty, and want their dead husbands' names inscribed on the Western Australian State War Memorial at Kings Park, Perth as an 'interest group' and refuse to honour our fallen.

A bureaucratic battle has ensued where the RSL may decide at their State Congress on 26 November 2011, whether to change the existing 80-year-old protocol that says only servicemen and women who were born or enlisted in WA can be added to the war memorial. The protocol also says that names can only be added to the memorial at the end of a conflict, a stipulation that puts in limbo Diggers who served in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq where hostilities have no clear end.

One of our brave war widows has said: 'The SAS, unlike most regiments, they stay here. When you join the SAS you stay in the SAS and the families stay here and they become part of the local community. We are a part of WA'.

Young Diggers and the SAS Association believe the RSL's decision is a 'cop out' and the widows now have to wait at least another eight months for the issue to be resolved, if at all, because the RSL may not agree to change their protocol.

We, the undersigned, call on the Returned Services League (RSL) to change their out-of-date 80-year-old protocol and honour our fallen SASR soldiers on the Western Australian State War Memorial at Kings Park.

All men and women should be honoured as soon as possible after they are killed in the line of duty.

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