Hudson County Community College
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On December 12th, 2018, Javedd Khan, a renowned, loved and respected Professor at Hudson County Community College, sadly and unexpectedly passed away from a massive heart attack. Javedd Khan began his career at HCCC in 1992 as a tutor and adjunct, eventually working his way to becoming a tenured professor in 2005. He served the college in many academic capacities and was also the recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award. His passing was not only a great loss to those who loved him dearly, but also to the entire college community.

Throughout his academic career, Professor Khan touched the lives of countless people at the college in many positive ways. Teaching was not only one of his main interests, it was his life’s joy, and it shows in the many people who have been inspired by his classes over the years. He continued to be invested in his students’ lives, motivating them well after the semester with him was over, even when they'd gone on to complete their degrees at other institutions or when they'd moved on to explore other paths. Many alumni have credited him as a principal factor in their success in their studies and beyond.

Using his pedagogical methods, he pushed students to ask the tough questions and seek the answers themselves through research and intellectual debates. His aim as an educator was to create an environment in which students would be free to express themselves and pursue their ideas. From Basic Writing I to Cultures & Values Honors, a myriad of academic activities and discussions served as catalysts to the intellectual growth and development of many. With Professor Khan, you not only learned to properly develop your own opinion and ideas, but also to respect the opinions and ideas of others.

His life serves as a testament to the profound impact teaching has in the community, and the potential that must be reached in each and every classroom. Many lives changed after taking a Khan course, and his capacity to instill confidence, provoke curiosity, and spur motivation is something that should always be remembered, cherished, and aspired to. As such, we ask that you please help us not only honor the life of a great man, but also commemorate the importance of teaching and the impact that Professors can have on the community.

We propose that Professor Khan’s legacy be honored with the following measures:

1. An academic scholarship in Professor Javedd Khan’s honor to be given to a student in a major to be determined.
2. The new Student Union at Building G 81 Sip Avenue to be named in Javedd Khan’s honor.
3. A plaque memorializing Professor Javedd Khan be placed in an area frequently traversed by students and faculty.
4. A yearly Faculty-Student Symposium on pedagogy reflecting on and presenting Professor Khan’s methods of establishing inquiry, transparency, and community in every course.

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