Holmes County Commissioners, Internet provider in Holmes County and the Federal Communications Comm
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Several American taxing paying Holmes County Residents are being deprived of basic quality Internet. Residents are overpaying for low quality DSL, and satellite internet. Copper wiring is outdated. The consumers in Holmes County is suffering. Cebturylink in some cases is telling consumers the area is exhausted and service is not available. Ports are not working or full. Even though your neighbor may have Internet doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get it.
This hurts growth for the area because new businesses, and home building may not occur because of this lack of a basic quality internet is not provided or inadequate.

Several are resorting to satellite internet which is not capable of providing a decent signal or speed. This internet costs from the low side $75-$120 a month.

Millions in grant dollars have been issued throughout the USA to Centurylink including the area of Holmes County to expand Internet service into the rural area. I ask that leaders in the community look into the grant money already issued and where it was used and also to look at applying for more grants.

Require the state of Florida take action is resolving this issue.
Also requesting competition to come in the area to provide the much needed internet. The state needs to be notified of this county being seriously deprived of any internet at all.

Working from home is a not an option with inadequate Internet. Children are deprived of a valuable required educational resource. The community is lacking the opportunity to attend college online or work on their studies from home internet. After much research it has been determined that the best course of action to address this concern is to have all residents affected to sigh the petition and get Holmes County noticed for the need of these funds that have been already issued to be spent in our community.

Several residents are overpaying for low quality Internet. They are told the speed will be up to 10mbps or will be up to 3mbps and is rarely above at 1.5mbps. They are paying high rate for this, where other areas in the country that are provided DSL, cable, or higher speed internet are paying the same speed or less then Holmes County. It's not right to charge the same or more for less quality Internet.

Working from home in a rural area is a great way for a family to bring in needed income, however that's not an option without proper DSL or cable internet. The Holmes County Area could grow with new Internet options and expand so people would want to build a business or home.

Grant funds are available to help our community and we need our leaders to seek these. In 2013 Holmes County Internet providers were given $24 million dollars to improve broadband access to rural communities. Centurylink was also given in 2013 $500 million dollars a year for 6 years to expand rural areas broadband access.

I'd like to see the community pull together sign this petition so Holmes County residents can create an atmosphere for opportunities to install better Internet that residents deserve.


Let's as a community pull together and sign this petition so Holmes County residents can get the best Internet service possible.

Our children deserve to be provided the best tools for their education.

Taxes are being paid by tax payers to be provided internet service. Look at your bills and the your taxes you pay.

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