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Residents of the Aurora Licton Urban Village (ALUV between 85th and 105th) are concerned about the proposed project to relocate Handy Andy Equipment Rental to 9225 Aurora, extending from 92nd to 93rd. The City will hold a public meeting to learn about the proposal and to discuss its impacts *if* we submit at least 50 resident signatures by Tuesday, April 25, 2017. We ask that you and your neighbors please sign this petition to request a public meeting.

Aurora Licton has been designated as a RESIDENTIAL Urban Village for over 18 years. Its goal is to develop as a compact, pedestrian-friendly residential area with a mix of retail and services serving the nearby residents. This proposal runs counter to that goal.

Handy Andy’s proposal includes extensive outdoor areas for display and storage of rental trucks and equipment, light poles up to 30 feet high, maintenance shops for vehicle and equipment repair, and a concrete batch plant for mixing and loading concrete. The proposal estimates 500 trips a day with access off 92nd and 93rd and Aurora.

In addition to being contrary to the intention of a residential urban village , there are concerns about the significant impacts to the surrounding neighborhood. Additionally, 92nd has been designated as a Safe Route to School for the new school complex set to open in September 2017 including the installation of a pedestrian signal at 92nd and Aurora later this year.

Concerns include:
• Added traffic with 500 proposed trips each day; including the danger of frequent rental trucks mixing with walking children and other pedestrians
• Noise from running and maintenance of motorized machinery and equipment
• Noise/pollution from the machine shops and from performing metal work in the yard
• Noise and dust created by the loading of gravel, sand, and cement into the concrete batch plant and by the grinding of its mixer,
• Light glare from the light poles
• An auto-oriented business contrary to City’s stated intention for an urban village

Please sign this petition for a public meeting and share its link with others.

The undersigned hereby request the City of Seattle to hold a public meeting during the City's review of the development permit application # 3026342 for a truck & equipment rental location at 9225 Aurora Ave. N., which is proposed to include a large outdoor equipment yard and a batch plant for concrete mixing and sales. This request is made per the Seattle Municipal Code 23.76.015.

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