Supreme Court
United States of America

Sex trafficking and Prostitution victims up to roughly 25 years old most often started as young as 14. Children are trafficked or begin prostitution out of, into or in the United States from all regions of the world and represent a variety of different races, ethnic groups and religions. Children are vulnerable to kidnappers, pimps, and professional brokers. Some children are even sold to traffickers, kidnappers, pimps or professional brokers by their families. It is estimated that 76 percent of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the internet with no parental supervision. 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global sex trade (UNICEF). 1.5 Million victims in the United States.

We, the undersigned , call on the United States Of America to hold parents or legal guardians or the minor child responsible for the prostitution of a minor to include sexting, intentionally lying about their age in person or by any other means of communication to have sex with the intent to obtain money or gifts, lying and providing false documentation of their legal age to adults that wouldn't otherwise know their legal age and may engage in a sexual act with the minor, parents or legal guardians soliciting minors to traffickers, kidnappers, pimps, professional brokers or any form of a person with the intent to gain a profit.

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The Hold Parents, Legal Guardians and Minors Responsible For Sex Trafficking, Lying About Their Legal Age Rather In Person Or Any Other Means Of Communication, Prostitution And Sexting. petition to Supreme Court was written by Cherrie Hood-Bangura and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.