NBC (Universal), Dick Wolf (Law & Order: SVU creator), Neal Baer, Robert Palm


Current "Law & Order: SVU" showrunner/executive producer Neal Baer has announced that he's departing SVU (and NBC) to pursue a career with CBS Studios; at the end of the 12th season of "Law & Order: SVU". Baer has been executive producer since season 2 of SVU.

Which means "Law & Order: SVU" is going to be looking for a showrunner. Why not call Robert Palm back, the FIRST SVU executive producer (season 1). The first season of SVU was one of many execellent seasons of the show.

And we expect NBC to continue "SVU" beyond season 12; despite Baer's departure. We don't want it rushed to cancellation like the original "Law & Order".

We, the undersigned, call on NBC (Universal), Dick Wolf (Law & Order: SVU creator) and Neal Baer (current Law & Order: SVU showrunner) to bring ROBERT PALM back to "Law & Order: SVU" as showrunner/executive producer after Neal Baer departs.

And for NBC to keep renewing "Law & Order: SVU" as long as the ratings/Age 18-49 demographics prove the show is eligible for renewal.

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