NBCU (National Broadcasting Company) and Dick Wolf/Wolf Films

FIRE Christopher Misiano and Blake Masters; HIRE Ed Zuckerman and Michael S. Chernuchin to "Law and Order: Los Angeles" as Executive Producers/Showrunners.

Recently Dick Wolf and NBC created a new drama, "Law & Order: Los Angeles" to keep the "Law & Order" fandom going on NBC due to the recent cancelation of the original "Law & Order" on NBC in May 2010 (after being on the air on NBC for 20 record-tying/breaking seasons).

The new LA "Law & Order" has really poor writing quality which is affecting the acting of the cast members on the ‘new’ series. And the show is being treated as a 'sunny beach Law & Order' and not a gritty crime/police/legal-drama as the original series was. Fans don't figuratively want sunshine - even if it is shining; they want gory crimes, grit, and courtroom drama! NOT “ripped from TMZ” celebrity scandals, surfers, and ice cream!


The showrunners are: Rene Balcer, Peter Jankowski, Blake Masters, Christopher Misiano, and Dick Wolf. Jankowski and Balcer come from the original series along with the creator Wolf;

But who are Blake Masters and Christopher Misiano? - I can tell you what they are doing, making the 'new' Law & Order CRAPPY. They have these 'messed up' storylines that make no sense and are NOT what "Law & Order" is about - and the fans disagree with them.

The fans of "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: Los Angeles" want a change or they want OUT!

We want "Law & Order" in "Law & Order: Los Angeles" NOT 5% Law, 5% Order, 90% Los Angeles are everything in the media and on television about it.

We want "Law & Order: Los Angeles" to be what "Law & Order" is! Not these 'new L.A. stories'!

Bring the New York "Law & Order" workers to Los Angeles!

We, the undersigned, call on NBC/U and Dick Wolf/Wolf Films to:

RELEASE executive producers Blake Masters and Christopher Misiano without prejudice and BRING IN previous "Law & Order" executive producers Ed Zuckerman and Michael S. Chernuchin (if they wish too) - because if no changes are to befall the writing/acting styles of "Law & Order: Los Angeles"; the fans are done!

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