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William Panzer, Peter Davis, and the powers that be of Highlander

All day at work I kept thinking about Eric. How he was taken from us all too young. And how also that as an internet community we need away for us to say farewell to Eric in a proper and lasting manner. I never say goodbye, it's too final.

Well I came up with this and to make it work we need the mods, the admin, and the members onboard.

How about a petition to D/P asking them at the end of "the Source" and at the the beginning of the credits a caption that reads

'In Memory of Eric Heinemann'
1980 - 2005

'Dedicated to Eric Heinemann'
1980 -2005

or it can be something simple like

'For Eric'

I don't have the proper contacts. Nor am I the most eloquent writer in the world that could come up with something that could convince TPTB to do this.

And I don't know squat about internet petitions. If we could all band together we could get this to happen.

Does it sound like a fitting tribute to Eric?

Yes or No?

Dear TPBP of Highlander, please consider our friend Eric Heinemann who passed away on August 19th, 2005 and as fans of Highlander, we are asking to put his name by the end credits of Highlander: The Source, thank you.

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