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There have been announcements in Japan of the new Swift "Sport" - the spiritual successor to the cult classic Swift GTi, sold in Australia for 14 years from 1986.

The announcement of the new Swift Sport in Australia has been preempted by rumours that it will only be an upgraded version of the 5 door Swift currently on offer, with a 92kw 1.6L engine and other mild performance enhancing modifications.

Although the styling of the new Swift Sport isn't in question, kilowatt per cubic centimeter, the engine will produce less power than the previous Swift GTi, and the car itself weighs over 100kg more. To put it in perpective, the performance of the engine is on a par with the outgoing Holden Barina SRi, which has been around for years.

If Suzuki are interested in cornering the sports hatchback market they need a car with at least 115kw, whether it be turbocharged or naturally aspirated.
If the Swift Sport is only a stopgap measure before the release of the new Swift GTi then Suzuki Australia need to let us know!

I want to see a high performance replacement for the Swift GTi - a 3 or 5 door hatchback with at least 115kw and performance enhanced suspension / braking.

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