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By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Shertson should come together in the new series of BBC's "Sherlock".

Shertson~ Noun: Gay pairing of Watson and Sherlock Holmes

There is evidence already, that Sherlock at least is gay. Genuinely gay, not just when one is wearing slash goggles.

"Girlfriend? No, not really my area."

"So, do you have a boyfriend then? Which is fine by the way."
Wryly amused: "I know it's fine!" and many more... after all, we get all sorts round here.

They are obviously close and this relationship could be very believably written into the storyline.

In addition: GAY RIGHTS! I demand that gay people be represented with priority, to a less esoteric audience than say, that of "Queer as folk".

I think it would be a wise move for the BBC: daring, controversial, and so they would gain more viewers.
The BBC has already tested these controversial waters with their "Eastenders" storyline, which follows the romance between Christian Clarke and his Muslim love Syed Masood, after that recieving such high praise and very little complaint, introducing some stronger homosexual themes into Sherlock is by no stretch of the imagination: infeasible, or unacceptable in such a widely watched show.

It would be a massive step forward culturally, and a massive win for gay rights.

So come on everyone! Sign now and get your Shertson!

We, the undersigned call on Steven Moffat of the BBC to make Sherlock Holmes of "Sherlock" homosexual with John Watson.

Actively homosexual, should say, as it has been strongly hinted.

As a modern, controversial, and diverse step forward in the world of popular television.

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