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Littering in the state of North Carolina carries up to a $1000 fine for the first offense. Depending on the size and scope, littering is even a felony in NC. So why is it that some of the dirtiest places in the city are at our public transit stops?

In a city where the place for the best fried chicken is a hotly contested debate, it’s no surprise chicken bones can be found everywhere! But Charlotte is also an extremely dog friendly city and those chicken bones on the sidewalks, lawns and rail trail are a danger to our beloved pups.

Either people don’t know or people don’t care: but chicken bones are littler and littering is a punishable crime! The same people who would pitch a fit if we as dog owners left our dog’s poop on the ground, are tossing chicken bones in our neighborhoods without a care in the world.

A quick walk around the neighborhood and you’ll see that the places with the most trash and bones are our bus and light rail stops. So that’s where I’d like to start.

Please sign this petition to the City of Charlotte if you would like to see “Fines for Littering” signs posted on all public transit stops in the city. We need your support!

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Charlotte to post signs warning of the fines for littering at all public transit stops in the Charlotte Metro area.

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