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forthekidsofdistrict14.com is a grassroots, community based organization dedicated to improving the quality, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District.

We are made up of district residents with children in the public schools, and are actively involved in trying to ensure that the District's Administration and Board of Education remain focused on the district's reputation and competitive ranking, while keeping costs in line with other top-performing school districts on Long Island.

Our research had shown that we spend significantly more on administrative payroll than similar districts, and are not achieving the same positive results they are. Details on our organization, the comparative report and our goals can be found at www.forthekidsofdistrict14.com

To: The Board of Trustees of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District

From: A Concerned Resident/Taxpayer/Voter of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District

Subject: 2009-2010 School Budget

As the district goes through the budget process for the 2009-2010 School year I would ask that you pay close attention to the following priorities when you make your decisions:

1 - The education of our students must be our highest priority and the highest percentage of our resources should be going directly to them.

2 - Our district spends a notoriously high amount of money on Administrative Payroll and it should be brought in line with other districts of similar size.

3 - The district cannot continue to increase its budget at a rate near 6%. At that rate the district's budget will double during the time it takes a student to go from first grade through high school. High taxes will continue to have a negative effect on home values.

4 - The District should be very aggressive in its negotiations on the expiring Administrative Employment contracts. The expiring contract(s) provide a rare opportunity for the district to hold down its fixed payroll costs.

5 - The district should look at other districts on the island to see if they are able to achieve more with less. When districts are being more effective, we should find out how and look to duplicate their success.

We are headed into tough economic times and an ever more competitive world. I implore the board to take a long hard look at the district, bring our Administrative spending in line with other successful districts on Long Island, and focus our resources on ensuring our students receive the best, most competitive, education on Long Island.

Thank you.

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