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Personal Opinion: If we are trying to help the planet, globally, why are there not more hemp facilities?

If I owned enough land, I would want to build a hemp factory and to create more jobs along the way. Newfoundland needs help, the Earth NEEDS help! And if we all work together to create better and STORNGER products, I would like to find a way to either produce the hemp myself or to get hemp imported.

I would want this facility to be the 2nd hemp factory in the world, in hopes that more province's will join along in helping the Earth heal from the natural destruction that's been going on these past years. It's time to stand up to fossil fuel and create hemp products, which is stronger and better for the environment.

I also am in awe of how many jobs this will create, not only helping the Earth, but the economy as well. I have a passion for helping, whether it'd be my fellow neighbor, an animal in need, or someone helpless on the streets. Everyone deserves a chance at living their life in happiness, and if I can make that happen, I will. Life is short, so make the best of it, the quickest way you can!

Therefore, I would like to start a petition to get as many signatures as I can, and to make a hemp factory possible. This is because Jesse and I will be moving home within a year and would like to start something on some land that we own back in Carmanville. We want to build something on the land that helps the Earth and creates more jobs in the process, so families don’t have to travel away for work. It can happen, if we try.

This is some useful information to get you more educated on this subject and why it is so important to me:

** How a Hemp Factory Is Designed/Products It Produces.

This is a little excerpt from a very trusted source:
“ Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) may be a suitable crop for the bio‐economy as it requires low inputs while producing a high and valuable biomass yield;

- Previous comprehensive research programmes indicated that hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) fits well in the concept of bio‐economy (Mccormick & Kautto, [ 44] ; Amaducci et al., [ 5] ).

- From speciality pulp and paper to nutritional food, medicine and cosmetics, there are as many as 50 000 uses claimed for hemp products derived from its stem, seed and inflorescence (Carus et al., [ 18] ; Carus & Sarmento, [ 17] ).

- Hemp has the potential to produce up to 27 Mg ha−1 biomass yield at relatively low inputs, and has a positive impact on the environment (Bouloc & Van der Werf, [ 12] ; Barth & Carus, [ 8] ).

- Its stem contains high‐quality cellulose (De Meijer & Van der Werf, [ 25] ).

- The seeds contain high‐quality oil (Oomah et al., [ 48] ).

- The inflorescence contains valuable resins (Bertoli et al., [ 11] ).

- Recent research demonstrated that hemp is also a suitable feedstock for bioenergy production (Rice, [ 54] ; Kreuger et al., [ 38] ; Prade et al., [ 53] ).’

Myself and Jesse would like to seek the interest of anyone who is willing to help us out and work with us in the Cultivation, sale, import and/or export of industrial hemp seed to produce quality materials, and to help sustain the Earth!

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