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Mayor Arakawa
United States of America

There is a dog that has been seriously neglected at 180 Ipukula Street, Lahaina, HI 96761 and needs our help. He doesn't always get fed, has to stand regularly in his poop and has only been let out ONCE since Oct. 13, 2012.

Maui Humane Society claims that the owners adore the dog, do everything they can for it but can't allow it in the house or out of it's kennel due to ticks. This is completely false and we are concerned there are other elements to allow this favored conduct towards these neglectful owners. MHS states that the dog is in a large confine that allows him to stand up and turn around which is all that is needed by law.

According to Officer White, the owner is off island regularly so it's not his fault that he can't feed or water the animal but reassured me it is extremely loved and a beautiful dog. This again is so not the case. I have been watching this dog every day since October 13, 2012 when the other dog he was with either died or was removed. This house has a huge transient population and there is absolutely no touch, no talk, no contact with the dog who are very social animals. Other than walking in maniacal circles and barking, yelping, howling and crying non stop, he has no access to anything other than the wired cage and cement floors and sometimes food and water.

Please help us show this dog we care by signing this petition which I will send to media, police, the mayor and anyone else I can think of. MHS-your practices are favored and one sided. You are there to help the abusers and not the abused or neglected and this is not okay. We hope this petition shows you that this dog does matter and genuinely needs help, one that you are denying this dog.

Aloha, we are asking you to please investigate and remove the dog at 180 Ipukula who is severely neglected and needs your help. The owner, who according to MHS is off island regularly, claims to love this dog yet the animal isn't' fed or watered for days or having his excrement picked up.

The dog is in a large confine appropriate by law, but there is no law to protect an animal from being left in the confine and imprisoned every day of the year.

We are asking for your help to get this dog out of this situation where he can eat and drink regularly and does not have to stand in his excrement and receives affection and exercise.

We are asking for your help today to help us allow this dog to be a dog.

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