#Human Rights

My husband Olsen Filipaina has been detained at villawood immmigration Detention centre for over 2 years, I am now asking for the help of the Australian community to support my cause in signing this petition to release my husband and grant him a visa so he can be with us.

Mia deserves to have her father and for someone who has been in Australia for 28 years my husband deserves to stay in the country he calls home. I will fight for his freedom so my family is united.

Please help us!

Thank you!

We members of the Australian community below write to you regarding Mr. Filipo Olsen Filipaina who is in Immigration Detention at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney, New South Wales.

We write to you that you exercise your powers to grant Mr. Filipo Olsen Filipaina his visa or spousal and partner visa or to allow him to file an application for a partner or spousal visa.

To do this he needs or requires a bridging visa or that further, that you request him to apply for a bridging visa R (class WR) to enable him to be with his wife and daughter.

We trust that you will heed our cry and expectations of the Australian community to give joy and happiness to this young family.

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