#Media Issues
United States of America

We love our Facebook page. Our customers rely on it to learn about our specials, offers, community events, fundraisers, and who is working.

Facebook UNPUBLISHED our page.

Our Baristas wear bathing suits and Halloween costumes, which are not illegal in our city, our state, our country or on Facebook.

Not only has our small business been hurt, but so have our employees, our customers, the neighboring restaurants and our vendors.

Facebook has no customer support... absolutely NO WAY for us to respond to the "FALSE" accusations.

This type of automated shut down hurts every one of us... individuals, as well as all small, medium and large businesses.

Help us get our Facebook page back... our business depends on it!

Facebook UNPUBLISHED our page claiming it violated Facebook's Terms regarding Nudity, Pornography or Sexual Solicitation.

We have NEVER participated in ANY of the accusations.

All we want is our original Facebook page back, with our 2,100 LIKES and our history since opening.

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