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Good day.
We are a new company called Alphology based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa with many ideas on how to fight crime, drug abuse, poverty and dependency on government social grants. We aim to create jobs that will employ as many as 2000-10000 women and youth of our country.
However, the company lacks the funds to achieve its goal and petitions the global society to help us in our noble cause. We are a nation of hungry people with no jobs and food as well as proper shelter.
As indicated above, the company seeks to create 2000 to 10000 new and sustainable real jobs within the coming 10 years starting from now. These new jobs are aimed at the rural and semi-urban women, youth and graduates. This will lessen the burden experienced by the government in the provision of social grants to the more than 17 million beneficiaries.
This will also make sure that the girl learner is kept in school where they should rightly be because their mothers will be able to buy them tampon pads and other basic necessities. We urge you to donate to our campaign. We urge you to forward our petition to all caring members of society including celebrities, churches, governments and not-for-profit organizations and individuals.
It is possible that such job creation campaign can slash the provision of social grants by at least 2-million or more beneficiaries as their parents or family members will be employed as breadwinners. More money from these possible employed beneficiaries could be diverted to basic and higher education, health, safety and security and other important projects.
Alphology is raising money at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alphgame-school-science#/ and appeals to all people in the universe to help us reach our goal by donating by donating to this noble campaign. We petition you to help us however, the sole discretion to help us rests with you. We are not bullying or forcing anyone to help us but blessed is the hand that giveth.
What we ask, is for you to let others know about our campaign and perhaps they can be generous enough to give.
We also offer investor equity in our campaign to anyone who will invest at a 50/50% share or whatever the investor may demand even if it is major stakeholder investor equity in the company, as long as we achieve our dream.
We ask angel investors and the global community to open their hearts and give without reservation.
Please, watch our video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL_0RIGoye4 in support of our campaign. Our campaign comes to an end within the next 6 days and as such we ask for your human milk of kindness to make this campaign become a reality. Your help in this campaign will create jobs and stop xenophobic attacks and other social problems.
Alphology’s main focus is within computer programming, computer engineering, graphic designing, education and development professionals as well as non professionals. It produces Early Childhood Development material as well as Learner Teacher Support Material and aims to develop a search engine and a financial institution that will be inclusive to all, thus help fight poverty in the country.
For more information contact:
o Contact Person: Jabulani Nzilane
o Company Name: Alphology
o Telephone Number: +27727363192
o Email Address: jabulaninzi@gmail.com
o Web site address: http://alphology.co.za

Alphology is a company registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and is focused on education and it embraces the concept of Mindful Teaching=Mindful Learning which implies that no conducive learning can ever manifest if the environment does not permit so.

I/we the undersigned pledge to help Alphology create 2000-10000 jobs for women and youth in order to stop dependency on government social grants, curb crime and possible xenophobic attacks on immigrants by donating a dollar to this cause. I/we pledge to support this cause so that it can keep the girl-child in school by employing the girl-child mother/sister who will be able to provide them with tampon pads and other basic necessities that will keep them in school. I/we urge others to sign this petition and donate donate to the cause.

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