#Human Rights
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To provide all homeless people affordable housing as long as they are working and making an effort. There simply is not enough funding for affordable housing programs in Mesa County. It is very difficult for homeless and those on the verge of homelessness to gain a steady living. Better affordable housing funding would shrink the rising homeless population in Mesa County. These people need our help to get their lives back where they need to be. With housing, these people will be able to find jobs easier and maintain a job as well. Employers rarely hire a person who is homeless, and with affordable housing, we can change that for these people.

If you sign this petition, you agree we need to give the homeless more affordable housing. We propose that a small portion of the budget should be given to organizations in Mesa County that can supply the homeless population with affordable housing for a certain amount of time in order to help those people get their own home with a stable job.

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