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The Donner Kebab Van at Henley's roundabout (in front of McDonalds) is being forced by TFL to close down.

It has been there at the same location for 25 years serving the local communities. The Kebab kiosk owners owned the land since 2003, in 2010/2011 TFL and council approved an expansion to the size of the Van/Kiosk to allow better service to our customers.

In 2013 TFL took the owners to court and with its might won the land back. Now TFL wants to turn the 145 square foot to lawn.

The survival of the Van needs the community's support to pressure TFL to allow the Van/Kiosk to continue to operate.

Because the news papers were contacted to study the matter, TFL is trying to evict by Monday 18th of August, 2014 or they will spend tax payers money in the courts to force the van out.

Please sign the petition/ contact your MP/ contact TFL and help us stay.

Please help us stay.

We the undersigned call on TFL, the RB of Hounslow council and our MP's to get involved in allowing the van to continue to serve the community.

Please stop TFL (Transport of London) from evicting the Van.

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