Give Armenia Democracy

Serj Sarkisian and Robert Kocharyan are doing their best to ruin a county that is our Home land Armenia.

The have faked the Presidential Elections in favor of Serj so he can be the next president following Robert.

But that is no way to run a country. The people have their rightd too and we need our freedom.

Serj Sarkisian is trying his best to overcome over 600,000 Armenians by becoming president of Armenia.

He is a disgrace to our country and to the Armenian people. Let us not have this kind of emmberassment to our country. I ask all of you as Armenians to sign this petition in favor of the true president LEVON, TER-PETROSYAN. A true and honest man.

Please people sign and let your voice be heard also. One signiature can make a difference in our county.

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