Friends & Supporters of RACHEL SAKHI ATTORNEY (Russian Soviet Cosmonaut in Training Candidate)

This (Global) Bahraini NROB: Epic Revolution Campaign Petition gathers supporters online relevant for RACHEL SAKHI ATTORNEY (Russian Soviet Cosmonaut Trainee Candidate).

Many years ago Roscosmos (The Russian Federal Space Agency) promised Kazakhstan they would source a Kazakh Candidate to train as a Russian Cosmonaut.

After Kazakhstan became independent to The USSR the Kazakhs have anticipated this Epic Revolution.

The petition will distribute press releases necessary to prove your interest and support for the Russian Society as well as Nominate Dr. Rachel SAKHI as the first Russian Cosmonaut representing Kazakhs.

Dr. Rachel SAKHI is anticipated to be the first female Muslim Independant Astronaut from America to represent conduct research for the Russian Society as a Muslim Cosmonaut.

The Root of My Tree Constitutional Meaning:

(The purpose, motive, reasoning, etc. behind all campaigns involved or related to this subject [The Root of My Tree] is to promote, participate, seek, establish, accomplish, and generate atleast 1% of world peace with non-violence,

regardless of Terroristic Groups (Domestic American or International Foreign) who's daily job and lifetime goals include ruthlessly framing innocent people for decades seeking to destroy

Peace of Mind and Success for the 'Backward-People'..."Not deserving to be all that you can be such as a scientist, or lawyer, a doctor, or world-renowned entertainer and politician"

due to economic, social or geneological history.) "When a proposal of mine unfolds and a grant I seek to find the future American Nation is impetus to mind.

Influence for The Root of My Tree:

Any Source Seeking to Relieve Other Fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Human Race from Unbearable Pain & Suffering, Cruel & Unusual Punishment or Enslavement, Trafficking, Discrimmination by Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Economic or Social Status, etc.

~The Root of My Tree~

Henceforth, prior stamina My God had written
faith stolen; acts forbidden --
serves to the betterment for He had a proposition.

"With wisdom opulent the tools I giveth;Faith unassailable, your health replenished. My servant
follow they staff and my infinate Love is the incentive."

What girl of character, lost or found, wouldn't struggle
to impress or gain the Love and Trust of her Master?

Furthermore, equipped with the world's most Powerful Sponsor, what more does a Beggar need to satisfy a campaign than a grandiose Epic?

Keys to NROB: Epic Revolution (Definition)

Bahraini NROB: [N(o) R(acism) O(n) B(oard)]


''A long narrative poem celebrating the feats of a traditional hero. A literary or dramatic competition that suggests the characteristics of epic poetry. Of or resembling an epic; heroic; grand. Of great size or duration. ''


''Orbital motion about a point, esp. as distinguished from axial rotation. A turning or rotation about an axis. A single complete cycle of such orbital or axial motion. The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another. A sudden or momentous change in a situation. ''

Rachel's Email:

Rachel's Resume/Curriculum Vitae:
(Click on the "Dr. Sakhi" tab) http://ywma.wordpress.com

Dr. Rachel Sakhi, Attorney & Scientist
6710 Carleton Avenue S, Unit A
Seattle, WA 98108-3557
(206) 697-4815
(Budgeting. If You don't get an answer you are welcome to pay $1 to T-Mobile toward the Phone Bill under the above-listed cellular number. Thank You!)

You are invited to Venue:

(needs updating)

~Salaam Alaikum~


Please sign the Global Petition Below to share and show your support for the Epic Revolution Cause.

~In the Name of God (Of All Nations)~

We, The People of all nations claim our rights as humans for freedom of press, speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, holdings, sustainance & nourishment

(with no liability as a people to amendments under and pursuant to the statutes having evolutionized terminology made unawares, unclear or uncogent).

By participating and signing this petition to make known the reminder of our rights and the fact of the claim of our holding as a birthright,

We claim the intention as prescribed and documented pursuant and under our appropriated laws, doctrines, etc. to have no rebellion against our designated government or any foreign or domestic government in relation to our own.

We the people claim our freedoms, rights, holdings, and intention to Love humanity Internationally under and pursuant to this petition documenting the doctrines The Root of My Tree and it's campaign.

As an allegiance to end all wars and Love one another in harmony, we will support our girl of character, lost or found, struggling to impress or gain the Love and Trust of her Master by equipping her with the tools necessary to PLANT A TREE on the Moon.

'Our Girl' takes an oath to beg for charity one penny at a time to earn the Love and Trust of her Master.

'Our Girl' takes an oath to beg for charity one penny at a time to impress her Master.

'Our Girl' takes an oath to beg for charity one penny at a time to equip herself with the right tools to satisfy this International Campaign FOR THE KEYS UNLOCKING THE BARRIERS to PEACE OF MIND for all.

The rewards and compensation are promising.
We welcome you with open arms.
Your love exposes the potential of our tomorrow;
your service waters the soil in which the roots of our tree grows;
your resources fertilize the Eggheads(TM) of our Nation;
your unconditional love is a tool;
the keys unlocking the barriers to peace of mind.
The very seed of American pride thrives on its history and flourishes through it's future.
Fearlessly sowing to protect;
loving to explore;
soaring to believe is the culture She teaches.
Recycling intercontinental livelihood,
as she wraps her wings of majesty around Her orphans.


Bahrain NO RACISM ON BOARD: Epic Revolution Petition.

The Root of My Tree Petition Campaign
Thank You Very Much and Please Have a Friend Sign as Well.

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