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Christians and other groups are harshly persecuted in Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, and in other countries. Many of them have been told to abandon their Christian Faith or pay an additional tax for being Christians, or leave the country, or face death. Most fled and are looking for safety. They lack food and water.

In other countries, terrorists have entered Christians churches and killed many of the worshippers.

We need to do something for our brothers and sisters going through these hard and dangerous times.

Food and water are urgent needs for these believers (Christians and others) who had left all their material possessions (much or little) behind not to deny their Faith.

We are asking the government of United States and all religious authorities in United States and the Vatican to do something effectively and urgently not only to provide these brothers and sisters with food and water, but with a place where they can live peacefully and practice what they believe.

To the rest of us, we would like to set August 23 as a day of prayer and fasting for the sake of those persecuted using the name of the same God.

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