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This is the news that I woke up to this morning.
"Nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan."
"The Pentagon is demanding the money back after audits revealed overpayments by the California Guard under pressure to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals. If soldiers refuse, they could face interest charges, wage garnishments."

This is is not only horrible, it's flat out wrong. It is not the people's job to know how much money the government has to spend on bonuses or anything for that matter.That is the government's job. Would you go to to a welfare recipient ten years down the line asking them to repay the money that was given to them? Hell no you wouldn't and you certainly shouldn't.

This is insane. There are veterans that put their life on the line for this country and some of them did so because they needed the bonus money for whatever reason. (Probably because they didn't make much to start with) Some of those soldiers are unemployed due to physical or mental injury sustained while serving. Now, they have to pay it back. What a slap in the face. Its bad enough that we dont offer these veterans better benefits. Our Veterans were there for us. It's our turn to be there for them. So, let us all take a minute out of our day to sign this petition in hopes that it may put an end to this mockery.

We the undersigned call upon the Pentagon to eliminate making our Veterans pay back any bonuses they may have received while serving this country and defending our freedom.

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