Emt Ambulance
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City of Massillon is trying to put emt ambulance out of business. EMT Ambulance operates out of The city of Massillon on the South West side of town.

By shutting the doors to this company this is not only leaving professionally train staff out of work, but its going to only leave Massillon residents with only one private ambulance company to assist with all there needs.

As a tax payer you should have the right to have choices. If EMT's door close you will only have stark summit ambulance to transport. This means stark summit will have to cover the entire city. Please help support Emt ambulance.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that The city of Massillon should re consider and not close EMT Ambulance.

As a city tax payer you should have right to have a choice as to who transports you. There should not just be one private ambulance company within the city limits.

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